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Capacity booking

An initial step in making an LNG terminal a reality is for Swedegas to offer ships the opportunity to bunker LNG at the same time that they load and discharge at the quayside. Bunkering takes place at jetty 519 at the Energy Port at the port of Gothenburg.

This film shows how the bunkering takes place.

The facility is part of a future and more extensive project involving the construction of an LNG terminal at the Port of Gothenburg. The terminal will also be connected to the gas grid to supply shipping, the transport sector and industry with LNG. In all sectors it will involve switching from oil-based products to gas in an effort to mitigate climate impact.

Capacity booking – LNG facility

If you wish to reserve capacity at the LNG facility, please contact us, see contact details to the right.

Read more about LNG Gothenburg here.


Would you like to know more about contracting capacity at the LNG Terminal please contact

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VP Commercial
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