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GoBiGas, Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project, is Göteborg Energi's investment in the production of biogas through thermal gasification of biofuel and forest residue. GoBiGas is one of the world's largest facilities of its kind and stage one was opened in March 2014.

The biogas is transported in the Swedegas gas grid, which already exists at Hisingen, the location of the GoBiGas plant. By doing so, the biogas from GoBiGas can reach the whole of the gas market, where there is considerable demand for biogas, particularly in industry. GoBiGas is being built in two stages. When the plant is fully operational, it will supply 800–1,000 GWh, which would be sufficient to run between 80,000 and 100,000 cars for a whole year.