Smart infrastructure

Power to Gas in Sweden

Swedegas has taken the initiative to develop Power to Gas in Sweden together with representatives from the Swedish energy industry. As part of a preliminary study, the conditions for Power to Gas were examined from a Swedish perspective. We are now planning to start up a pilot plant in Sweden. This will provide us with the know-how and experience of Power to Gas under Swedish conditions. An application has been submitted to the Energy Agency to determine the optimal location for such a plant. Being involved at an early stage in development could provide an international head-start as well as new job opportunities and export potential.

In time, it will be a question of a system solution that links the need to store electricity on a large scale with the need to produce more renewable fuels. Through to 2030, it is estimated that 2–3 TWh of gas could be produced through Power to Gas. At present, biogas production stands at 2 TWh, and this technology could thus provide a valuable injection of energy and contribute to realising the political target of fossil-free road traffic by 2030. 

In Denmark and Germany, Power to Gas is seen as a solution to achieve renewable energy targets for 2030 and 2050. In Germany, a large number of demonstration projects have been set up to develop the technology and improve output. In summer 2013, the automotive manufacturer Audi opened a facility in Wertle, where renewable fuel for gas-powered vehicles is being produced through Power to Gas.

Pilot plants

At present there are around 30 Power to Gas pilot plants in Europe, either in operation or under construction.