Smart infrastructure

Gas is needed

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If we are to manage the switch to a sustainable energy system, Smart solutions are required. Not just one solution but several. Gas is part of an extremely smart energy system. Gas is in demand as a source of energy and as a raw material in industrial production. It is needed as a fuel on land and at sea. The gas is transported efficiently and safely and it is far better for the environment than oil and coal.

If we are to manage the switch to renewable energy successfully, gas is needed.

By investing in the gas infrastructure, Swedegas contributes to the energy switch that is crucial both for the climate and for jobs.

 In the film The role of gas in a sustainable energy transition, politicians and industry representatives describe why gas is part of a smart and sustainable energy system.


Gas is self-evident in Europe

In the Energy Roadmap 2050, the EU Commission states that natural gas is crucial if we are to be successful in changing the energy system in Europe.