12 March, 2014

GoBiGas about to be opened

GoBiGas is the world's first gasification facility of its kind and the largest biogas production facility in Sweden. The biogas will be fed into the gas grid in south-west Sweden to ensure it reaches the market effectively. The gas can be used as vehicle fuel, as a raw material for industry or as gas for combined heat and power generation.

"Biogas and natural gas can be transported in the same pipeline, which will make it easy to phase out natural gas as biogas production increases," says Lars Gustafsson, President of Swedegas.

By gasifying forest residues, GoBiGas will bring biogas production to a completely new level. The technology employed will be of crucial significance to the development of a sustainable transport sector and a sustainable society. Even if the transport sector will become a major user of the biogas there are several other potential customer groups. The facility will have the capacity to produce biogas equivalent to the annual fuel requirements of 50,000 cars or 400 buses.

There is a considerable need for biofuels in the transport sector and large-scale production is necessary to meet the national target of fossil-free vehicle traffic by 2030. Some 90 per cent of fuel used in the transport sector at present is petroleum-based.

Energy Minister Anna-Karin Hatt will today open GoBiGas in Gothenburg. The facility is currently at the start-up phase and the aim is for biogas to enter the grid by mid-2014.

For further information, contact Saila Horttanainen, Corporate Communications Director, Swedegas, +46 (0)70 622 76 06, or Cecilia Erdalen, Press Officer, Göteborg Energi, +46 (0)70-466 04 28.

Fact file Swedegas

Swedegas is an infrastructure company that invests in smart energy systems. The company owns the gas transmission grid, which extends from Dragör in Denmark to Stenungsund in Sweden. Each year, Swedegas transports energy equivalent to 15 TWh to distributors and directly connected customers. The gas grid supplies natural gas to 33 municipal areas and several companies, combined heat and power plants and vehicle fuelling stations. Swedegas is currently investing in the development of an infrastructure for biogas and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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