December 2022
16 12 2022

New collaborative project to develop offshore hydrogen pipeline infrastructure in the Baltic Sea

Nordion Energi is a part of the collaboration project Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector (BHC) together with Gasgrid Finland, OX2 and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.

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June 2022
30 06 2022

Notification of early warning in the western Swedish natural gas system

On Tuesday June 21st, the Swedish Energy Agency declared an “early warning” for the western Swedish natural gas system.

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January 2022
17 01 2022

Gasgrid Finland and Nordion Energi have jointly agreed to start investigating the possibilities to cooperate in hydrogen infrastructure and market development in the Bothnian Bay region

The national gas transmission system operators (TSOs) in Finland and Sweden, Gasgrid Finland and Nordion Energi respectively, have agreed to investigate the possibilities to develop a new hydrogen infrastructure and market in the Bothnian Bay region. The potential demand for hydrogen, primarily used for enabling the transition and expansion of industries in the region, is estimated to be 100 TWh.

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June 2021
28 06 2021

Need for legislation in order to kickstart build of hydrogen infrastructure

Last week, the Gas for Climate consortium publishes its hydrogen legislation paper. This paper groups together the vision of 11 Gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) on how EU legislation can help to create a dedicated hydrogen pipeline infrastructure across Europe.

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23 06 2021

Press release: A new report shows that in order to achieve the climate goals, Sweden is facing an extensive expansion of infrastructure for hydrogen

To cope with the transition of industry and the transport sector, Sweden will need to build a completely new infrastructure for hydrogen. In the report "The role of gas and gas infrastructure in Swedish decarbonisation pathways 2020-2045" which was launched at a webinar in June with Energiforsk, the authors emphasize that this may be one of the largest infrastructure investments Sweden has ever faced.

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April 2021
27 04 2021

Huge benefits with collaboration around CCS shows prestudy from CinfraCap

Through collaboration, companies in the Gothenburg region can reach climate targets faster. It will however require multi-billion investments. This is shown by the prestudy that CinfraCap has presented on a joint infrastructure for the transport of liquefied carbon dioxide extracted using CCS technology.

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13 04 2021

Press release: Joint European vision for hydrogen infrastructure connects 21 countries

Joint European vision for a 39 700 km hydrogen pipeline infrastructure in 21 countries is presented in new report.

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07 04 2021

Solör Bioenergi takes over operations for district heating and fiber network in Falbygdens Energi

In May there will be a change in operations in Falbygdens Energi.

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February 2021
01 02 2021

Falbygdens Energi becomes part of Nordion Energi

The energy infrastructure company Nordion Energi has acquired Falbygdens Energi. Together the companies want to continue investing in developing a sustainable and flexible energy system, adapted for the future.

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January 2021
26 01 2021

Press release: New gas for climate policy paper calls for a binding target for 11% renewable gas by 2030

Gas for Climate advocates in new policy paper, that by 2030, 11% of all gas consumed in the EU should be renewable gas. The envisioned binding target is supported by two sub-targets for 8% sustainable biomethane and 3% renewable hydrogen. The target should be introduced in the EU Renewable Energy Directive. Gas for Climate continues to support EU policy making in 2021 by providing new analysis on hydrogen and biomethane.

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December 2020
16 12 2020

Press release: New report provides unique overview on latest developments in renewable and low-carbon gases. Industry is ready for scale-up.

A new report published by the Gas for Climate consortium launched today. This market state and trends report provides a unique review of current biomethane and green and blue hydrogen markets in Europe. The report, developed by Guidehouse, describes key market trends and highlights leading project examples.

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October 2020
28 10 2020

Press release: Nordion Energi moves closer to the aim of 100% green energy by joining the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

As part of its commitment to a sustainable society, Nordion Energi is now part of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, an initiative by the European Commission that aims to drive the implementation of EU's hydrogen strategy. Hydrogen is crucial in the transformation of the energy system and will enable many sectors to achieve their climate goals.

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15 10 2020

Press release: Hans Kreisel, CEO at Nordion Energi, joins the Electrification Commission – an initiative from the Swedish government to accelerate the energy transition

In connection to the launch of the Electrification Commission, the Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth declared hydrogen is vital in the electrification of heavy road transport, shipping and aviation. This is a key reason to Hans Kreisel being invited to actively take part in the Commission’s work as it aims to accelerate the transition of the transport sector.

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15 10 2020

Press release: Hans Kreisel, CEO at Nordion Energi, joins the Electrification Commission – an initiative from the Swedish government to accelerate the energy transition

In connection to the launch of the Electrification Commission, the Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth declared hydrogen is vital in the electrification of heavy road transport, shipping and aviation. This is a key reason to Hans Kreisel being invited to actively take part in the Commission’s work as it aims to accelerate the transition of the transport sector.

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July 2020
17 07 2020

Press release: Nordion Energi and partners present plan for hydrogen infrastructure

Integrated European infrastructure for hydrogen the way forward

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June 2020
26 06 2020

Press release: Liquefied carbon dioxide ready to sail

Gothenburg and Sweden could be the first in the world to create a joint infrastructure for the transport of liquefied carbon dioxide extracted using CCS technology. The project – CinfraCap – is a unique collaborative venture between Göteborg Energi, Nordion Energi, Preem, St1, Renova, and Gothenburg Port Authority.

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18 06 2020

Sustainability report 2019

“For those of us working in the energy sector this is an exciting time. The energy markets are central to the wide-reaching transition that is taking place in the drive to bring about a fossilfree society. Nordion Energi was founded during the year with the aim of playing an even more active role in this ongoing transition, where gas can prove significant in bringing about green solutions.”

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March 2020
18 03 2020

Information regarding Corona virus

The corona crisis affects us all. Within the Nordion Energi Group, which consists of Swedegas and Weum, we have implemented changes in how we work to stay healthy and safe. Both for our employees and their families, as well as customers and partners.

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August 2019
12 08 2019

Hans Kreisel takes over as CEO of Swedegas and Weum

Hans Kreisel, chief executive of the newly founded gas infrastructure group Swedegas/Weum, will take over as CEO of the two subsidiaries in August 2019. As a result, the current chief executive of Swedegas, Johan Zettergren, has decided to leave the company. Kenneth Andersson, at present chief executive of Weum, will become interim Chief Financial Officer for the group.

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June 2019
13 06 2019

New hydrogen gas facility connected to the Swedegas network drives up production of renewable fuels

With a new hydrogen gas facility in Gothenburg – officially opened yesterday by Minister for Energy and Digital Development Anders Ygeman – Preem is set to increase its production of renewable fuels. This has been made possible by connecting the facility to the Swedegas network. “Supporting the transition in the transport sector to renewable fuels is one of our most important tasks,” said Johan Zettergren, Swedegas Chief Executive.

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03 06 2019

New agreement between Swedegas and FordonsGas – liquefied biogas brings further climate benefits to Gothenburg shipping

Bunkering liquefied biogas, LBG, at the Port of Gothenburg has become significantly easier for the shipping sector. A new agreement between FordonsGas and Swedegas will ensure access to this renewable fuel, a move that has been sought by both shipping companies and their customers.

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May 2019
07 05 2019

Swedegas consolidates its organisation – Peter Blomberg takes up new position within LNG/LBG and innovation

Peter Blomberg has taken up a newly created managerial position in business development and innovation at Swedegas, with a focus on liquified natural gas and biogas (LNG/LBG). “It will be an exciting challenge to use my experience and knowledge within Swedegas and be involved in ensuring the gas infrastructure becomes a key part of the solution in the transition to more renewable energy," said Peter Blomberg.

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April 2019
01 04 2019

Joint gas market in Sweden and Denmark from April 1

An expanded market and even greater security of supply will become a reality on April 1 when the Swedish and Danish Transmission System Operators Swedegas and Energinet integrate the gas markets. “By merging the gas markets, efficiency can be enhanced, and end customers will have more suppliers to choose between,” said Johan Zettergren, Swedegas chief executive.

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March 2019
06 03 2019

Gas Barometer 2018 – traded volumes of biogas in the network doubles!

There was a marked upturn in demand for biogas in western Sweden in 2018. The volume of biogas traded in the Swedegas network rose from 10 to 20 per cent. Many companies and private individuals have opted for biogas as part of a concerted effort to promote a more sustainable society. “We are extremely pleased with the way things are developing. If this trend is to continue, however, politicians must ensure that biogas has a stable, long-term basis for growth,” said Johan Zettergren, Chief Executive of Swedegas.

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January 2019
24 01 2019

Growing collaboration on the European energy market

A new pipeline, facilitating the supply of Norwegian gas through Denmark to Poland and other countries in the region, marks a further step forward in the increasing integration of the European energy market.

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December 2018
19 12 2018

Anders Sundström and Hans Kreisel join newly founded gas infrastructure group in Sweden “Swedegas and Weum will reinforce the role of the gas infrastructure in the energy transition.”

Anders Sundström will become chairman and Hans Kreisel Group CEO of the newly founded group, which includes the two gas infrastructure companies Swedegas and Weum (formerly E.ON Gas). First State Investments which via its infrastructure fund European Diversified Fund II acquired both Swedegas and Weum during 2018, is now laying an important foundation for enhancing the role played by the gas infrastructure in the energy transition process.

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04 12 2018

Gas barometer; High volume of biogas in the transmission network continues

The Gas Barometer has been updated with new figures for Q3. The volume of biogas in the transmission network has also increased this quarter, and currently stands at 20.2 per cent. Including the biogas supplied via the distribution networks connected to the transmission network, the total volume of biogas is 24.9 per cent.

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November 2018
27 11 2018

Major breakthrough – renewable gas bunkering at Swedegas new facility at the Port of Gothenburg

Gothenburg-based shipping company Terntank was the very first operator to take on liquefied gas at a new bunkering facility at the Port of Gothenburg. Not only liquefied natural gas, LNG, but also liquefied biogas, LBG. “Being able to offer this unique opportunity represents a major breakthrough, not only in facilitating the transition to LNG, but also in gradually increasing the proportion of renewable gas,” said Johan Zettergren, Chief Executive of Swedegas, which owns and runs the facility.

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21 11 2018

First State Investments takes over as new owner

The European Diversified Infrastructure Fund (EDIF II), which is managed by First State Investments, will be the new owner of Swedegas with effect from today, November 21. The Swedish Competition Authority has conducted a review and the transaction has been approved.

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September 2018
27 09 2018

Gas Barometer: Biogas volumes in the Swedish transmission network continue to rise

The strong upward trend for biogas in Sweden looks set to continue. According to the Gas Barometer, the volume of biogas in the transmission network remains high, reaching 18.6 per cent during the first half of 2018. Demand is increasing in line with the growing number of companies that are opting to switch from natural gas to biogas.

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21 09 2018

Swedegas supports European Renewable Gas Registry

Swedegas is now a member of ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry), the aim of which is to establish an independent, transparent and trustworthy documentation scheme for tradingbiogas and other renewable gases along the European gas network. “By becoming a member, Swedegas is seeking to support the development of a larger market for biogas, not only in Sweden but also throughout the whole of Europe, which will benefit both biogas users and producers,” said Hanna Paradis, Business Development Manager at Swedegas.

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03 09 2018

First State Investments agrees to acquire Swedish gas transmission system operator Swedegas

The European Diversified Infrastructure Fund II (“EDIF II” or “the Fund”), managed by First State Investments (“First State”), has agreed to acquire Swedish gas transmission system operator, Swedegas from the Spanish and Belgian utilities Enagás and Fluxys. The transaction is the Fund’s second acquisition in the Swedish gas network sector, having acquired the country’s largest gas distribution system operator in April 2018.

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May 2018
30 05 2018

Swedegas and Barents NaturGass in agreement on delivery of LNG to new bunkering facility in the Port of Gothenburg

In just a few months, vessels will for the first time be able to bunker liquefied natural gas (LNG) at a permanent facility at the Port of Gothenburg. The infrastructure company Swedegas, which will own and operate the facility, and the Norwegian company Barents NaturGass, which can supply the LNG with ISO-containers from main European terminals, have entered into an agreement. The shipping sector can now purchase marine fuel complying with the tightening emissions regulations based on a one-stop-shop concept.

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29 05 2018

Gas Barometer: New initiative behind the development of renewable gas

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17 05 2018

Two markets become one – Sweden and Denmark reach agreement on harmonisation

The Swedish and Danish gas transmission network companies Swedegas and Energinet have decided to make the investments necessary to integrate the gas markets in Sweden and Denmark. This initiative will reinforce security of supply and lead to more participants entering the gas market. It is also in line with the EU’s endeavour to harmonise markets within the Union.

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February 2018
01 02 2018

Construction of LNG facility under way at the Port of Gothenburg

Construction of Gothenburg’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility is now under way at the Port of Gothenburg Energy Port. The facility, which will be built by Swedegas, will open up new opportunities for LNG-fuelled vessels that call at the Energy Port. The plan is for it to be fully operational during 2018.

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October 2017
19 10 2017

Swedegas management systems granted environmental and quality certification

Swedegas operations are subject to strict health, safety, quality and environmental stipulations, and the company has an integrated management system to support this.

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September 2017
05 09 2017

Sweden and Denmark head towards a harmonised gas market

The vision of a more harmonised gas market for Sweden and Denmark is expected to become reality within the next few years. The national gas transmission operators, Swedegas and Energinet, are set to take the next step in the process by initiating a project that will help to identify the best way forward. Improved security of supply and more operators on the market are just two of the expected benefits.

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August 2017
25 08 2017

Swedegas at Donsö Shipping Meet, September 5-6

Take the opportunity to meet Swedegas on the island of Donsö, situated in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago, at one of the biggest events in the maritime industry calendar – Donsö Shipping Meet – which is due to take place on September 5-6

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July 2017
03 07 2017

Swedegas invests in LNG infrastructure at the Port of Gothenburg

Swedegas is investing in a new LNG infrastructure at the Port of Gothenburg, primarily to meet the need in the shipping industry for a more environmentally friendly fuel. This is the first LNG facility in Gothenburg, the largest port in Scandinavia, making it possible for vessels to bunker LNG at the quayside while loading and unloading. It is expected to be fully operational in 2018.

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June 2017
22 06 2017

Green Gas Initiative – 50 per cent more biogas in the gas grid in just three years

During 2016, 11 TWh of biogas were fed into the gas transmission networks owned by the seven members of the European network Green Gas Initiative. This represents a 50 per cent increase over the past three years.

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08 06 2017

Increase in green fuel production possible following connection to Swedegas network

Preem is about to commence construction of a new hydrogen gas plant at its refinery in Gothenburg. The aim is to increase production of renewable fuels, in which hydrogen gas is a key component. The new plant represents a total investment of 635 million kronor and is due to be commissioned in February 2019. A direct connection to the Swedegas gas grid enables the construction of the hydrogen plant.

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March 2017
02 03 2017

Gas industry preparing for a higher proportion of renewable energy

A growing volume of biogas will be fed into the Swedish gas network, entirely in line with the current trend towards increasing the volume of renewable energy. To keep pace with this development, the industry is investing in methods to cope with variations in gas quality.

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September 2016
14 09 2016

Axpo enters Swedish gas market

The energy company Axpo is set to become a new operator on the Swedish gas market. Axpo has signed an agreement with Swedegas, which owns and runs the Swedish gas transmission grid, to become a balance administrator. Axpo will also sell gas, which will offer greater freedom of choice to Swedish gas consumers. Both companies will work actively to increase the proportion of biogas in the Swedish system.

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02 09 2016

Lars Persson appointed as new technical project manager at Swedegas

Lars Persson has been appointed as technical project manager at Swedegas. The focus will be on working with the company’s planned LNG infrastructure investment programme.

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December 2015
01 12 2015

Launch of a national biogas strategy

A target of 15 TWh of biogas by 2030 and a whole series of prioritised control measures and key actions are included in a proposed national biogas strategy that will be presented today. The proposal is the outcome of what has been unique, across-the-board collaboration with representatives from leading biogas producers, distributors and users.

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November 2015
18 11 2015

Green gas solves the output challenge in the energy system

As nuclear power is phased out and sun and wind power gain in importance, entirely new solutions will be needed to balance production and the demand for energy. A new study shows that green gas offers major potential in this process along with other key services that the energy system of the future could well need.

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05 11 2015

Ei and the market satisfied with Swedegas as system balance administrator

The various organisations on the Swedish gas market are of the opinion that the transfer of system balance responsibility from Svenska Kraftnät to Swedegas has been successful. The Energy Markets Inspectorate is satisfied with how Swedegas is discharging its remit and states in its report that the company is playing an active part in developing the market.

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September 2015
23 09 2015

E.ON, Swedegas and the Port of Åhus are seeking to build a gas network in the north-east of the province of Skåne in southern Sweden.

E.ON, Swedegas and the Port of Åhus have signed a letter of intent to examine the preconditions for building a gas network in north-east Skåne.

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May 2015
12 05 2015

Time to build a Power to Gas pilot plant in Sweden - will increase the proportion of renewables, reduce emissions and pave the way for more wind power

The results from a unique study on the potential to use Power to Gas in Sweden are due to be presented today. The conditions differ from one part of the country to another although it is clear that Power to Gas can make use of surplus wind power in a variety of ways: production of hydrogen gas, storage of the surplus in the gas grid and/or expansion of biogas production.

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April 2015
23 04 2015

We aim to establish a 100% CO2-neutral gas supply by 2050 - ONTRAS signs Green Gas Commitment

The independent gas infrastructure companies Gasunie (Netherlands), Fluxys Belgium and (Denmark) signed a joint declaration on 14 June 2012 to commit themselves to taking a proactive role in order to support a 100% carbon-neutral gas supply in their network infrastructures in 2050.

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March 2015
23 03 2015

Swedegas to be acquired by Enagás and Fluxys

Swedegas, the owner and operator of the Swedish gas transmission grid, has been sold by EQT Infrastructure. New owners are the Spanish and Belgian gas transmission companies Enagás and Fluxys, who have made a joint acquisition of Swedegas on a 50-50% basis.

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December 2014
09 12 2014

Swedegas becomes a partner in the newly formed Swedish Energy Research Centre

The energy industry has established a completely new centre to consolidate research. Energiforsk – the Swedish Energy Research Centre – will bring together research currently being conducted at Elforsk, the Thermal Engineering Research Association and the Swedish Gas Technology Centre (SGC) and in the Fjärrsyn research programme run by the Swedish District Heating Association.

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September 2014
29 09 2014

Historic premiere for biogas in the national grid – Gas pipeline links up biogas plant to the gas grid

Biogas has now been fed into the Swedish transmission gas grid for the very first time. The Jordberga biogas plant outside Trelleborg is the first in Sweden to use the grid for the distribution of gas. Customers include the public transport company Skånetrafiken, which will use the biogas as fuel for its buses. This is a milestone for the transmission system operator Swedegas in the move towards increasing the proportion of biogas in the system. The companies behind the biogas plant are Swedish Biogas International, E.ON Gas, Skånska Biobränslebolaget and Nordic Sugar.

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June 2014
09 06 2014

Environmental permit granted for LNG terminal in Gothenburg

The County Administrative Board in Västra Götaland has granted Swedegas and Vopak LNG Holding a permit under the Environmental Code for an LNG – liquefied natural gas – terminal at the Energy Port in Gothenburg. The terminal will be capable of supplying shipping, industry and heavy transport with gas as fuel as they make the switch from oil.

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May 2014
22 05 2014

TSOs expand cooperation to develop a carbon-neutral gas supply in 2050

Today at the annual Flame gas conference in Amsterdam, the Swiss Gaznat joined the 5 gas infrastructure companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and France which have committed to actively contributing to the development of a carbon neutral gas supply by 2050. Gas infrastructure enables the transport and storage of energy on a scale unmatched by other energy systems. It is as such essential to the achievement of the EU’s low-carbon ambitions.

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14 05 2014

Swedegas publishes the Gas Regional Investment Plan 2014-2023

Swedegas together with other Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of the BEMIP region have released the second edition of the Gas Regional Investment Plan (GRIP), which covers the planned investment projects within 10 year period from 2014 to 2023 in the region.

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07 05 2014

Power to Gas in Sweden – location under investigation

Power to Gas could soon be a reality in Sweden. The Swedish Energy Agency has approved funding for a study that will show exactly where in the country a pilot plant can be built. Falkenberg, Gotland and Luleå are three candidates. It is predicted that Power to Gas technology – where surplus power from renewable energy sources such as wind and the sun can be utilised – will play a vital role in the energy system of the future.

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April 2014
29 04 2014

Construction of the LNG terminal in Gothenburg is moving into the next phase

At the Port of Gothenburg, construction of the terminal for liquid natural gas, LNG, has moved into the next phase. The City of Gothenburg has approved the detailed plans and demolition activities has now commenced to make way for the LNG terminal. A new company that will run the terminal has also been established.

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March 2014
12 03 2014

GoBiGas about to be opened

GoBiGas is the world's first gasification facility of its kind and the largest biogas production facility in Sweden. The biogas will be fed into the gas grid in south-west Sweden to ensure it reaches the market effectively. The gas can be used as vehicle fuel, as a raw material for industry or as gas for combined heat and power generation.

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December 2013
03 12 2013

New pipeline in Denmark assures gas supply to Sweden

A new gas pipeline from Germany to Egtved on Jutland in Denmark will mean that customers in Sweden will also have assured gas supplies in the future. At present almost all gas for Denmark and Sweden comes from the North Sea field, where reserves are dwindling. Energinet, the Danish electricity and gas provider, has invested in a new gas infrastructure with support from the EU, marking a further step towards an integrated energy market.

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November 2013
19 11 2013

EU Commission rewards LNG project in Sweden

Two projects in Sweden have been considered sufficiently important to merit inclusion in the EU list of infrastructure projects that are of common interest for the European Union (PCI, Project of Common Interest). One of the projects is the LNG Terminal in Gothenburg that Swedegas and Vopak plan to build in collaboration with the Port of Gothenburg. The project satisfies the criteria laid down by the Commission: it will contribute to market integration and further competition, it will enhance security of supply and it will reduce CO2 emissions.

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October 2013
16 10 2013

EU supports Rotterdam-Gothenburg LNG initiative

•European Commission grants 34 million euro for the development of a small-scale LNG chain in Rotterdam and Gothenburg, accommodating LNG supply for cleaner maritime transport •The collaboration between the ports for the infrastructure enables shipping companies to switch to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-powered vessels •LNG allows the shipping industry to meet the stringent 2015 emission requirements for the North Sea, English Channel and Baltic Sea

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July 2013
16 07 2013

EU support for LNG terminal in Gothenburg

Liquefied natural gas for shipping by 2015 at the latest. This is the aim behind collaboration between private infrastructure companies and the Port of Gothenburg and the Port of Rotterdam. The project will receive SEK 305 million in funding from the EU.

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May 2013
14 05 2013

Government appoints Swedegas as system balance administrator for the gas grid

The Swedish Government has appointed Swedegas, which owns and operates the Swedish natural gas grid, as system balance administrator. Swedegas will take over responsibility for gas balancing in the grid from Svenska Kraftnät on June 1, 2013. This means that Swedegas will not only handle operation and maintenance of the system, it will also ensure that supply and offtake of gas remain in balance, providing continuity and reliability for customers.

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April 2013
25 04 2013

Gas infrastructure companies commit to working together to develop carbon neutral gas supply by 2050

- GRTgaz of France and Swedegas of Sweden join Dutch-Danish-Belgian initiative - The five European gas infrastructure companies are to develop a 100% carbon-neutral gas supply by 2050 - Gas infrastructure is key to proactively help develop gas infrastructure solutions required for the realization of a low carbon scenario for Europe

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23 04 2013

New 10-year plan for the development of the gas grid in Europe

In accordance with an EU regulation, the European network transmission system operator for electricity and gas, ENTSOG, have presented their Ten Year Network Development Plan, TYNDP.

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February 2013
05 02 2013

Launch of gas statistics

The new statistics function covers utilisation, flows, bookings and gas quality.

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05 02 2013

Shipping and industry ready to invest in LNG

There is considerable interest in liquefied natural gas, LNG, in shipping and Swedish industry. This is revealed in a market screening conducted by Swedegas. New, stricter environmental stipulations for maritime fuel in Swedish waters from 2015, coupled with the need in industry to switch from oil, are the main reasons for changing to liquefied natural gas, LNG.

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November 2012
12 11 2012

Swedegas becomes new joint owner of SGC

The infrastructure company Swedegas, which owns the gas grid in Sweden, will become the new joint owner of cleantech company Swedish Gas Tech-nology Centre (SGC) following a 20 per cent stock acquisition. SGC leads and co-ordinates energy gasresearch, development and demon-stration with a focus on renewables, and is owned jointly by companies in the energy sector.

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October 2012
01 10 2012

Vopak, Swedegas and the Port of Gothenburg turn their attention to the market: Chance to play a part in the planning of the LNG Terminal in Gothenburg

Planning of the new terminal for liquefied natural gas at the Port of Gothenburg is in full flow. During the summer, Vopak and Swedegas signed an agreement, which has now also been signed by the Port of Gothenburg. The parties are about to turn their attention to the market to investigate the level of interest in liquefied natural gas.

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August 2012
30 08 2012

Swedegas certified by the Energy Markets Inspectorate

The Energy Markets Inspectorate, which is the supervisory authority for the energy market, has certified Swedegas as a transmission grid operator for natural gas in Sweden. Swedegas is now a TSO (Transmission System Operator) for the Swedish gas market.

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June 2012
29 06 2012

GoBiGas och Swedegas enter into agreement

The difficulty of transporting biogas over long distances looks as if it is about to be resolved. Previously, biogas was transported mainly in gas canisters on the back of a truck. An expensive and time-consuming process that often impacted seriously on the profitability and environmental benefits of biogas production. GoBiGas in Gothenburg is now investing in transport in the grid to reach a larger market, including industry. According to industry figures, around 10 per cent of all biogas is 'flared' because of the lack of an infrastructure through to the customer. 'Flaring' means that biogas is burned off at the production site without being used.

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20 06 2012

Swedegas and Vopak investigate open access LNG terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden

A terminal for liquefied natural gas, LNG, could be completed in Gothenburg, the largest port in Nordic region, as early as 2015. This is the aim behind today's signing of a letter of intent, stating that Gothenburg-based Swedegas and the Dutch company Royal Vopak are exploring the possibility to enter into a joint venture and invest in the terminal. The terminal can store LNG to supply both shipping and industry and will be open to all parties interested in supplying the Swedish market. This will enable major environmental benefits with the switch from heavy fuel oil to gas.

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20 06 2012

Swedegas and Vopak investigate open access LNG terminal in Gothenburg

A terminal for liquefied natural gas, LNG, could be completed in Gothenburg, the leading port in the Nordic region, as early as 2015. This is the aim behind today's signing of a letter of intent, outlining plans by Gothenburg-based Swedegas and the Dutch company Vopak LNG to enter into a joint venture and invest in the terminal. The terminal will supply LNG to both shipping and industry and will be open to all parties seeking to be involved in supplying gas to the Swedish market. There will be major environmental benefits when shipping and industry switch from heavy oil to gas.

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March 2012
30 03 2012

Swedegas collaborates in energy and water supply

The future will bring stricter stipulations regarding efficiency and secure provision of energy, water and sewage services whilst at the same time we are striving for a climate-neutral environment.

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29 03 2012

Gas Regional Investment Plan

Gas Regional Investment Plan

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