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Balance administrators (BAs) must plan to ensure a balance is maintained between their supply and offtake of gas. It is unavoidable that a difference will arise between the gas a BA feeds into the grid and the gas that is extracted over a gas day.

Differences also arise between preliminary (Non-Valid Allocation) and final (Valid Allocation) figures and between preliminary and final heating values. Balance settlement (Valid Allocation) identifies these differences and creates a financial balance through trade with BA that have a deviation from the balance.

For more detailed information, please see the Swedish Shipper Guide.


Balance accounts (will be obsolete from 1st of April when the Danish balancing model will come into effect in Sweden)

A BA holds a balance account in which imbalances are accumulated. The permitted range for the balance account held by a BA is calculated by Swedegas. This is done using an assessment of the limits within which the pressure in the gas grid can vary without causing problems for the transmission of gas. If the balance in the account exceeds the permitted maximum limit or falls below the permitted minimum limit, the difference is balance gas.