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Parties on the gas market

Gas producer 

The gas producer is the party that produces gas. Sweden has no indigenous production of natural gas. However, gas is supplied to the system from biogas facilities. The majority of the natural gas used in Sweden comes from the North Sea.

Gas supplier

The gas supplier is the party that sells and delivers gas to the gas user. The gas supplier is only permitted to supply gas to a offtake point for which there is a balance administrator. Either the gas supplier takes on this role or brings in another company.

Balance administrator (BA)

The BA has financial responsibility for maintaining the balance between supply and offtake of gas at the supply and offtake points covered by the BA. A gas user or gas supplier can also act as the BA. Read more about this under Becoming a balance administrator.

Distribution System Operator (DSO)

A DSO is responsible for the transport of gas through the gas grid to the gas users. This should take place safely, reliably and efficiently. The DSO is the party that measures and reports the energy volumes measured at supply and offtake points and provides gas suppliers, BAs and the System balance administrator with the information required for settlement and to maintain a balance in the gas grid.

Gas users

Gas users are those who use gas. This could be a company, a district heating producer, a household or a vehicle owner. The gas user signs an agreement with a gas supplier to purchase gas as well as a grid agreement with the DSO responsible for the connection.

Storage owner 

The storage owner owns a facility used for the storage of gas. The storage is both a supply and offtake point, thus contributing to maintaining the balance and providing efficient utilisation of the gas grid. Read more about this under Storage.

System balance administrator (SBA)

In the role of SBA, Swedegas has overall responsibility for maintaining the balance between the supply and offtake of gas. This takes place by Swedegas monitoring the pressure in the gas grid and taking necessary measures in the event of an imbalance.


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