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Gas Market Council

The Gas Market Council is an information and consultation body that deals with matters relating to tariffs, terms and conditions for balance administrators (BAs) and for transfer, the development of the gas market, metering and settlement issues and system monitoring. 

Members are made up of representatives from BAs, distribution system operators and gas users as well as the industry organisation Swedish Gas Association. The supervisory authorities are also represented.
Next meeting will be held on the20 of June in Gothenburg.

Attendees 2018-03-08


Tomas Lundkvist Swedegas AB (ordförande)
Oskar Finnerman Swedegas AB (organisatör)
William Eugensson Swedegas AB (sekreterare)
Mattias Wesslau Swedegas AB
Martin Fahlvik Swedegas AB
Geir Sjöholm Swedegas AB
Linus Hellman Swedegas AB
Johanna Andersson Axpo Sverige AB
Poul Johannes Jacobsen Energinet
Signe Louise Rasmussen Energinet
Anna Liljeblad Energigas Svergie
Tobias Alkefjärd Energimarknadsinspektionen
Patricia Enhörning Energimyndigheten
Elin Akinci Energimyndigheten
Torbjörn Forsberg E.ON Sverige AB
Sezgin Kadir E.ON Gas Sverige AB
Madlin Serti Gasnätet Stockholm AB
Lars Hedendal Göteborg Energi Gasnät AB
Per Lindeblad Modity Energy Trading AB
Markus Olofsson Modity Trading AB
Christian Redeker Uniper
Lars Göransson Öresundskraft AB
Millo Jovanovic Zinc
Ørsted Salg & Service
Lars Olsson Ørsted AB

Reports and annexes

Agenda 180308
Protocol 180308
Annex 3.1 EA
Annex 3.2 MF
Annex 4 OF1
Annex 5 OF2
Annex 6.1 MW
Annex 6.2 PJJ SR
Annex 6.3 GS OF
Annex 7 MF PJJ GS SL
Annex 8 TA
Annex 9.1 LK
Annex 9.2 AL
Annex10 - moved to the next GMR
Annex 11 ML 

GMR 171213

GMR 170913

GMR 170615 

GMR 170307

GMR 161130

GMR 160913

GMR 160614

GMR 160308

GMR 151203

GMR 150917

GMR 150610

GMR 150304

GMR 141127

GMR 140925

GMR 140604