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Consumption energy charge

A charge is levied on the total consumption for which a BA is accountable. The aim of this charge is to cover the administration carried out by Swedegas as part of their remit as system balance administrator.

Se below for components of the Swedish Balancing model that will be obsolete after the 1st of April 2019

Balance bas price

Swedegas carries on weekly trading with the balance administrators (BAs). This generates a balance base price that is used to price the final balancing gas and correction gas.

Balancing gas

The BAs that have an imbalance outside the permitted ranges of the balance account sell/purchase balance gas to/from Swedegas. Balance gas is priced using the balance base price plus or minus 35 per cent of the balance base price. This means that balancing gas sold by a BA is priced at 65 per cent of the balance base price whilst balancing gas purchased by a BA is priced at 135 per cent of the balance base price. If balancing actions have been undertaken, balancing gas may be priced at the corresponding regulating gas price.

Correction gas

The final volume allocations will differ from the preliminary ones. The difference within the permitted ranges for the balance account is designated correction gas. This is purchased/sold by Swedegas from/to a BA. Correction gas is priced using the balance base price. 

Balancing action trades

Balancing actions trades between Swedegas and BAs will be initiated by Swedegas in order to maintain the transmission system within its operational limits. The price for each balancing action is settled in a pay-as-bid auction initiated by Swedegas. The weighted average price of each auction, the regulating gas price, is published.