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Becoming a balance administrator

To become a balance administrator, the company must be financially sound, be approved as an Ediel party and be registered for energy tax with the Swedish Tax Agency. The procedure for applying to become a balance administrator is set out below.

  1. The company submits a notification of interest to Swedegas. A registration certificate from the Swedish Companies Registration Office must be enclosed with the notification as well as financial information, such as an annual report and an assessment of supply volumes.
  2. The applicant registers for payment of energy tax with the Swedish Tax Agency in Ludvika.
  3. An Ediel application commences by the company signing an Ediel agreement, which is sent in duplicate to Svenska Kraftnät. The applicant is registered and receives an Ediel ID, which is required for identification purposes. If the applicant already holds an Ediel ID, this can be retained. Ediel communication is tested with Swedegas according to the instructions. Following a successful test, Swedegas will inform Svenska Kraftnät that the test was successful. Svenska Kraftnät will then sign and returns a copy of the Ediel agreement, signed by both parties.

  4. Swedegas confirms the amount of financial collateral following a risk assessment. Read Guidelines for credit assessment.
  5. Two copies of the balance administrator agreement are sent to the applicant when all the requirements have been satisfied and the financial collateral has been confirmed. The agreements are signed and sent to Swedegas.
  6. It takes around three months from commencement of the application process until a balance administrator can begin operations.