Our services

Safe and efficient transmission

It is the task of Swedegas to ensure that the transmission of gas to customers takes place efficiently. We ensure that the gas is transmitted effectively, safely and sustainably to the distributors and users who are connected to our grid.

Without disruption

Day and night, all year round, our engineers work to ensure that transmission takes place without any disruption. This can involve everything from odorisation of the gas to monitoring and maintaining the grid. To date, after more than 25 years' operating experience, our customers have not suffered one single disruption in supply.

Customised terms and conditions 

Swedegas provides transmission services that correspond to the customers' needs. By doing so, we ensure optimal utilisation of the gas grid, resulting in lower transmission costs for our customers. Charges are formulated in consultation with the customers. We offer, for example, different capacity subscriptions and the opportunity to store gas.

Low transmission cost 

The transmission cost is just a few per cent of the customer's total gas cost. The charges paid to us by customers cover our costs for capital, operation and maintenance, metering and reporting. The figure shows the transmission cost as a proportion of the total cost for two different types of customer – a manufacturing company and a detached house.

Example of the transmission cost as a proportion of the total cost of gas. This can vary depending on a number of factors for which we will readily provide detailed calculations on request. Based on statistics from 2014.
*A typical industrial customer refers to a large manufacturing company within ETS, excluding VAT