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Connection for offtake or injection of gas

Swedegas offers connection to the gas network for customers who wish to distribute gas, who need gas as fuel or raw material, or who wish to feed gas into the network, such as biogas producers.

The scope and cost for connecting can vary depending on a number of factors, including the distance to the gas network, technical conditions, and the customer’s gas requirements. Working closely with the customer, we examine the conditions and requirements for setting up a connection. We then produce a proposal for how the connection can take place optimally, complete with details of the distance, choice of pipes, type of facility, and whether drilling or excavation would be the best solution. We handle all matters relating to connection permits and we draw up agreement proposals governing gas connection and transmission.

In addition to the connection, which Swedegas plans and sets up, we can assume responsibility for designing and building a pipeline and gas facility on behalf of the customer.

Swedegas also works to ensure that other parts of the country can access and distribute gas effectively – using regional gas networks for example.