June 2021
28 06 2021

Need for legislation in order to kickstart build of hydrogen infrastructure

Last week, the Gas for Climate consortium publishes its hydrogen legislation paper. This paper groups together the vision of 11 Gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) on how EU legislation can help to create a dedicated hydrogen pipeline infrastructure across Europe.

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23 06 2021

Press release: A new report shows that in order to achieve the climate goals, Sweden is facing an extensive expansion of infrastructure for hydrogen

To cope with the transition of industry and the transport sector, Sweden will need to build a completely new infrastructure for hydrogen. In the report "The role of gas and gas infrastructure in Swedish decarbonisation pathways 2020-2045" which was launched at a webinar in June with Energiforsk, the authors emphasize that this may be one of the largest infrastructure investments Sweden has ever faced.

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April 2021
27 04 2021

Huge benefits with collaboration around CCS shows prestudy from CinfraCap

Through collaboration, companies in the Gothenburg region can reach climate targets faster. It will however require multi-billion investments. This is shown by the prestudy that CinfraCap has presented on a joint infrastructure for the transport of liquefied carbon dioxide extracted using CCS technology.

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13 04 2021

Press release: Joint European vision for hydrogen infrastructure connects 21 countries

Joint European vision for a 39 700 km hydrogen pipeline infrastructure in 21 countries is presented in new report.

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07 04 2021

Solör Bioenergi takes over operations for district heating and fiber network in Falbygdens Energi

In May there will be a change in operations in Falbygdens Energi.

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February 2021
01 02 2021

Falbygdens Energi becomes part of Nordion Energi

The energy infrastructure company Nordion Energi has acquired Falbygdens Energi. Together the companies want to continue investing in developing a sustainable and flexible energy system, adapted for the future.

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January 2021
26 01 2021

Press release: New gas for climate policy paper calls for a binding target for 11% renewable gas by 2030

Gas for Climate advocates in new policy paper, that by 2030, 11% of all gas consumed in the EU should be renewable gas. The envisioned binding target is supported by two sub-targets for 8% sustainable biomethane and 3% renewable hydrogen. The target should be introduced in the EU Renewable Energy Directive. Gas for Climate continues to support EU policy making in 2021 by providing new analysis on hydrogen and biomethane.

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