August 2019
12 08 2019

Hans Kreisel takes over as CEO of Swedegas and Weum

Hans Kreisel, chief executive of the newly founded gas infrastructure group Swedegas/Weum, will take over as CEO of the two subsidiaries in August 2019. As a result, the current chief executive of Swedegas, Johan Zettergren, has decided to leave the company. Kenneth Andersson, at present chief executive of Weum, will become interim Chief Financial Officer for the group.

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June 2019
13 06 2019

New hydrogen gas facility connected to the Swedegas network drives up production of renewable fuels

With a new hydrogen gas facility in Gothenburg – officially opened yesterday by Minister for Energy and Digital Development Anders Ygeman – Preem is set to increase its production of renewable fuels. This has been made possible by connecting the facility to the Swedegas network. “Supporting the transition in the transport sector to renewable fuels is one of our most important tasks,” said Johan Zettergren, Swedegas Chief Executive.

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03 06 2019

New agreement between Swedegas and FordonsGas – liquefied biogas brings further climate benefits to Gothenburg shipping

Bunkering liquefied biogas, LBG, at the Port of Gothenburg has become significantly easier for the shipping sector. A new agreement between FordonsGas and Swedegas will ensure access to this renewable fuel, a move that has been sought by both shipping companies and their customers.

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May 2019
07 05 2019

Swedegas consolidates its organisation – Peter Blomberg takes up new position within LNG/LBG and innovation

Peter Blomberg has taken up a newly created managerial position in business development and innovation at Swedegas, with a focus on liquified natural gas and biogas (LNG/LBG). “It will be an exciting challenge to use my experience and knowledge within Swedegas and be involved in ensuring the gas infrastructure becomes a key part of the solution in the transition to more renewable energy," said Peter Blomberg.

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April 2019
01 04 2019

Joint gas market in Sweden and Denmark from April 1

An expanded market and even greater security of supply will become a reality on April 1 when the Swedish and Danish Transmission System Operators Swedegas and Energinet integrate the gas markets. “By merging the gas markets, efficiency can be enhanced, and end customers will have more suppliers to choose between,” said Johan Zettergren, Swedegas chief executive.

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March 2019
06 03 2019

Gas Barometer 2018 – traded volumes of biogas in the network doubles!

There was a marked upturn in demand for biogas in western Sweden in 2018. The volume of biogas traded in the Swedegas network rose from 10 to 20 per cent. Many companies and private individuals have opted for biogas as part of a concerted effort to promote a more sustainable society. “We are extremely pleased with the way things are developing. If this trend is to continue, however, politicians must ensure that biogas has a stable, long-term basis for growth,” said Johan Zettergren, Chief Executive of Swedegas.

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January 2019
24 01 2019

Growing collaboration on the European energy market

A new pipeline, facilitating the supply of Norwegian gas through Denmark to Poland and other countries in the region, marks a further step forward in the increasing integration of the European energy market.

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