December 2018
19 12 2018

Anders Sundström and Hans Kreisel join newly founded gas infrastructure group in Sweden “Swedegas and Weum will reinforce the role of the gas infrastructure in the energy transition.”

Anders Sundström will become chairman and Hans Kreisel Group CEO of the newly founded group, which includes the two gas infrastructure companies Swedegas and Weum (formerly E.ON Gas). First State Investments which via its infrastructure fund European Diversified Fund II acquired both Swedegas and Weum during 2018, is now laying an important foundation for enhancing the role played by the gas infrastructure in the energy transition process.

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04 12 2018

Gas barometer; High volume of biogas in the transmission network continues

The Gas Barometer has been updated with new figures for Q3. The volume of biogas in the transmission network has also increased this quarter, and currently stands at 20.2 per cent. Including the biogas supplied via the distribution networks connected to the transmission network, the total volume of biogas is 24.9 per cent.

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November 2018
27 11 2018

Major breakthrough – renewable gas bunkering at Swedegas new facility at the Port of Gothenburg

Gothenburg-based shipping company Terntank was the very first operator to take on liquefied gas at a new bunkering facility at the Port of Gothenburg. Not only liquefied natural gas, LNG, but also liquefied biogas, LBG. “Being able to offer this unique opportunity represents a major breakthrough, not only in facilitating the transition to LNG, but also in gradually increasing the proportion of renewable gas,” said Johan Zettergren, Chief Executive of Swedegas, which owns and runs the facility.

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21 11 2018

First State Investments takes over as new owner

The European Diversified Infrastructure Fund (EDIF II), which is managed by First State Investments, will be the new owner of Swedegas with effect from today, November 21. The Swedish Competition Authority has conducted a review and the transaction has been approved.

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September 2018
27 09 2018

Gas Barometer: Biogas volumes in the Swedish transmission network continue to rise

The strong upward trend for biogas in Sweden looks set to continue. According to the Gas Barometer, the volume of biogas in the transmission network remains high, reaching 18.6 per cent during the first half of 2018. Demand is increasing in line with the growing number of companies that are opting to switch from natural gas to biogas.

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21 09 2018

Swedegas supports European Renewable Gas Registry

Swedegas is now a member of ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry), the aim of which is to establish an independent, transparent and trustworthy documentation scheme for tradingbiogas and other renewable gases along the European gas network. “By becoming a member, Swedegas is seeking to support the development of a larger market for biogas, not only in Sweden but also throughout the whole of Europe, which will benefit both biogas users and producers,” said Hanna Paradis, Business Development Manager at Swedegas.

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03 09 2018

First State Investments agrees to acquire Swedish gas transmission system operator Swedegas

The European Diversified Infrastructure Fund II (“EDIF II” or “the Fund”), managed by First State Investments (“First State”), has agreed to acquire Swedish gas transmission system operator, Swedegas from the Spanish and Belgian utilities Enagás and Fluxys. The transaction is the Fund’s second acquisition in the Swedish gas network sector, having acquired the country’s largest gas distribution system operator in April 2018.

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May 2018
30 05 2018

Swedegas and Barents NaturGass in agreement on delivery of LNG to new bunkering facility in the Port of Gothenburg

In just a few months, vessels will for the first time be able to bunker liquefied natural gas (LNG) at a permanent facility at the Port of Gothenburg. The infrastructure company Swedegas, which will own and operate the facility, and the Norwegian company Barents NaturGass, which can supply the LNG with ISO-containers from main European terminals, have entered into an agreement. The shipping sector can now purchase marine fuel complying with the tightening emissions regulations based on a one-stop-shop concept.

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29 05 2018

Gas Barometer: New initiative behind the development of renewable gas

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17 05 2018

Two markets become one – Sweden and Denmark reach agreement on harmonisation

The Swedish and Danish gas transmission network companies Swedegas and Energinet have decided to make the investments necessary to integrate the gas markets in Sweden and Denmark. This initiative will reinforce security of supply and lead to more participants entering the gas market. It is also in line with the EU’s endeavour to harmonise markets within the Union.

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February 2018
01 02 2018

Construction of LNG facility under way at the Port of Gothenburg

Construction of Gothenburg’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility is now under way at the Port of Gothenburg Energy Port. The facility, which will be built by Swedegas, will open up new opportunities for LNG-fuelled vessels that call at the Energy Port. The plan is for it to be fully operational during 2018.

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