October 2017
19 10 2017

Swedegas management systems granted environmental and quality certification

Swedegas operations are subject to strict health, safety, quality and environmental stipulations, and the company has an integrated management system to support this.

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September 2017
05 09 2017

Sweden and Denmark head towards a harmonised gas market

The vision of a more harmonised gas market for Sweden and Denmark is expected to become reality within the next few years. The national gas transmission operators, Swedegas and Energinet, are set to take the next step in the process by initiating a project that will help to identify the best way forward. Improved security of supply and more operators on the market are just two of the expected benefits.

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August 2017
25 08 2017

Swedegas at Donsö Shipping Meet, September 5-6

Take the opportunity to meet Swedegas on the island of Donsö, situated in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago, at one of the biggest events in the maritime industry calendar – Donsö Shipping Meet – which is due to take place on September 5-6

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July 2017
03 07 2017

Swedegas invests in LNG infrastructure at the Port of Gothenburg

Swedegas is investing in a new LNG infrastructure at the Port of Gothenburg, primarily to meet the need in the shipping industry for a more environmentally friendly fuel. This is the first LNG facility in Gothenburg, the largest port in Scandinavia, making it possible for vessels to bunker LNG at the quayside while loading and unloading. It is expected to be fully operational in 2018.

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June 2017
22 06 2017

Green Gas Initiative – 50 per cent more biogas in the gas grid in just three years

During 2016, 11 TWh of biogas were fed into the gas transmission networks owned by the seven members of the European network Green Gas Initiative. This represents a 50 per cent increase over the past three years.

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08 06 2017

Increase in green fuel production possible following connection to Swedegas network

Preem is about to commence construction of a new hydrogen gas plant at its refinery in Gothenburg. The aim is to increase production of renewable fuels, in which hydrogen gas is a key component. The new plant represents a total investment of 635 million kronor and is due to be commissioned in February 2019. A direct connection to the Swedegas gas grid enables the construction of the hydrogen plant.

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March 2017
02 03 2017

Gas industry preparing for a higher proportion of renewable energy

A growing volume of biogas will be fed into the Swedish gas network, entirely in line with the current trend towards increasing the volume of renewable energy. To keep pace with this development, the industry is investing in methods to cope with variations in gas quality.

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