December 2015
01 12 2015

Launch of a national biogas strategy

A target of 15 TWh of biogas by 2030 and a whole series of prioritised control measures and key actions are included in a proposed national biogas strategy that will be presented today. The proposal is the outcome of what has been unique, across-the-board collaboration with representatives from leading biogas producers, distributors and users.

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November 2015
18 11 2015

Green gas solves the output challenge in the energy system

As nuclear power is phased out and sun and wind power gain in importance, entirely new solutions will be needed to balance production and the demand for energy. A new study shows that green gas offers major potential in this process along with other key services that the energy system of the future could well need.

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05 11 2015

Ei and the market satisfied with Swedegas as system balance administrator

The various organisations on the Swedish gas market are of the opinion that the transfer of system balance responsibility from Svenska Kraftnät to Swedegas has been successful. The Energy Markets Inspectorate is satisfied with how Swedegas is discharging its remit and states in its report that the company is playing an active part in developing the market.

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September 2015
23 09 2015

E.ON, Swedegas and the Port of Åhus are seeking to build a gas network in the north-east of the province of Skåne in southern Sweden.

E.ON, Swedegas and the Port of Åhus have signed a letter of intent to examine the preconditions for building a gas network in north-east Skåne.

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May 2015
12 05 2015

Time to build a Power to Gas pilot plant in Sweden - will increase the proportion of renewables, reduce emissions and pave the way for more wind power

The results from a unique study on the potential to use Power to Gas in Sweden are due to be presented today. The conditions differ from one part of the country to another although it is clear that Power to Gas can make use of surplus wind power in a variety of ways: production of hydrogen gas, storage of the surplus in the gas grid and/or expansion of biogas production.

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April 2015
23 04 2015

We aim to establish a 100% CO2-neutral gas supply by 2050 - ONTRAS signs Green Gas Commitment

The independent gas infrastructure companies Gasunie (Netherlands), Fluxys Belgium and (Denmark) signed a joint declaration on 14 June 2012 to commit themselves to taking a proactive role in order to support a 100% carbon-neutral gas supply in their network infrastructures in 2050.

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March 2015
23 03 2015

Swedegas to be acquired by Enagás and Fluxys

Swedegas, the owner and operator of the Swedish gas transmission grid, has been sold by EQT Infrastructure. New owners are the Spanish and Belgian gas transmission companies Enagás and Fluxys, who have made a joint acquisition of Swedegas on a 50-50% basis.

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