December 2014
09 12 2014

Swedegas becomes a partner in the newly formed Swedish Energy Research Centre

The energy industry has established a completely new centre to consolidate research. Energiforsk – the Swedish Energy Research Centre – will bring together research currently being conducted at Elforsk, the Thermal Engineering Research Association and the Swedish Gas Technology Centre (SGC) and in the Fjärrsyn research programme run by the Swedish District Heating Association.

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September 2014
29 09 2014

Historic premiere for biogas in the national grid – Gas pipeline links up biogas plant to the gas grid

Biogas has now been fed into the Swedish transmission gas grid for the very first time. The Jordberga biogas plant outside Trelleborg is the first in Sweden to use the grid for the distribution of gas. Customers include the public transport company Skånetrafiken, which will use the biogas as fuel for its buses. This is a milestone for the transmission system operator Swedegas in the move towards increasing the proportion of biogas in the system. The companies behind the biogas plant are Swedish Biogas International, E.ON Gas, Skånska Biobränslebolaget and Nordic Sugar.

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June 2014
09 06 2014

Environmental permit granted for LNG terminal in Gothenburg

The County Administrative Board in Västra Götaland has granted Swedegas and Vopak LNG Holding a permit under the Environmental Code for an LNG – liquefied natural gas – terminal at the Energy Port in Gothenburg. The terminal will be capable of supplying shipping, industry and heavy transport with gas as fuel as they make the switch from oil.

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May 2014
22 05 2014

TSOs expand cooperation to develop a carbon-neutral gas supply in 2050

Today at the annual Flame gas conference in Amsterdam, the Swiss Gaznat joined the 5 gas infrastructure companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and France which have committed to actively contributing to the development of a carbon neutral gas supply by 2050. Gas infrastructure enables the transport and storage of energy on a scale unmatched by other energy systems. It is as such essential to the achievement of the EU’s low-carbon ambitions.

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14 05 2014

Swedegas publishes the Gas Regional Investment Plan 2014-2023

Swedegas together with other Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of the BEMIP region have released the second edition of the Gas Regional Investment Plan (GRIP), which covers the planned investment projects within 10 year period from 2014 to 2023 in the region.

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07 05 2014

Power to Gas in Sweden – location under investigation

Power to Gas could soon be a reality in Sweden. The Swedish Energy Agency has approved funding for a study that will show exactly where in the country a pilot plant can be built. Falkenberg, Gotland and Luleå are three candidates. It is predicted that Power to Gas technology – where surplus power from renewable energy sources such as wind and the sun can be utilised – will play a vital role in the energy system of the future.

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April 2014
29 04 2014

Construction of the LNG terminal in Gothenburg is moving into the next phase

At the Port of Gothenburg, construction of the terminal for liquid natural gas, LNG, has moved into the next phase. The City of Gothenburg has approved the detailed plans and demolition activities has now commenced to make way for the LNG terminal. A new company that will run the terminal has also been established.

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March 2014
12 03 2014

GoBiGas about to be opened

GoBiGas is the world's first gasification facility of its kind and the largest biogas production facility in Sweden. The biogas will be fed into the gas grid in south-west Sweden to ensure it reaches the market effectively. The gas can be used as vehicle fuel, as a raw material for industry or as gas for combined heat and power generation.

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