December 2013
03 12 2013

New pipeline in Denmark assures gas supply to Sweden

A new gas pipeline from Germany to Egtved on Jutland in Denmark will mean that customers in Sweden will also have assured gas supplies in the future. At present almost all gas for Denmark and Sweden comes from the North Sea field, where reserves are dwindling. Energinet, the Danish electricity and gas provider, has invested in a new gas infrastructure with support from the EU, marking a further step towards an integrated energy market.

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November 2013
19 11 2013

EU Commission rewards LNG project in Sweden

Two projects in Sweden have been considered sufficiently important to merit inclusion in the EU list of infrastructure projects that are of common interest for the European Union (PCI, Project of Common Interest). One of the projects is the LNG Terminal in Gothenburg that Swedegas and Vopak plan to build in collaboration with the Port of Gothenburg. The project satisfies the criteria laid down by the Commission: it will contribute to market integration and further competition, it will enhance security of supply and it will reduce CO2 emissions.

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October 2013
16 10 2013

EU supports Rotterdam-Gothenburg LNG initiative

•European Commission grants 34 million euro for the development of a small-scale LNG chain in Rotterdam and Gothenburg, accommodating LNG supply for cleaner maritime transport •The collaboration between the ports for the infrastructure enables shipping companies to switch to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-powered vessels •LNG allows the shipping industry to meet the stringent 2015 emission requirements for the North Sea, English Channel and Baltic Sea

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July 2013
16 07 2013

EU support for LNG terminal in Gothenburg

Liquefied natural gas for shipping by 2015 at the latest. This is the aim behind collaboration between private infrastructure companies and the Port of Gothenburg and the Port of Rotterdam. The project will receive SEK 305 million in funding from the EU.

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May 2013
14 05 2013

Government appoints Swedegas as system balance administrator for the gas grid

The Swedish Government has appointed Swedegas, which owns and operates the Swedish natural gas grid, as system balance administrator. Swedegas will take over responsibility for gas balancing in the grid from Svenska Kraftnät on June 1, 2013. This means that Swedegas will not only handle operation and maintenance of the system, it will also ensure that supply and offtake of gas remain in balance, providing continuity and reliability for customers.

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April 2013
25 04 2013

Gas infrastructure companies commit to working together to develop carbon neutral gas supply by 2050

- GRTgaz of France and Swedegas of Sweden join Dutch-Danish-Belgian initiative - The five European gas infrastructure companies are to develop a 100% carbon-neutral gas supply by 2050 - Gas infrastructure is key to proactively help develop gas infrastructure solutions required for the realization of a low carbon scenario for Europe

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23 04 2013

New 10-year plan for the development of the gas grid in Europe

In accordance with an EU regulation, the European network transmission system operator for electricity and gas, ENTSOG, have presented their Ten Year Network Development Plan, TYNDP.

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February 2013
05 02 2013

Launch of gas statistics

The new statistics function covers utilisation, flows, bookings and gas quality.

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05 02 2013

Shipping and industry ready to invest in LNG

There is considerable interest in liquefied natural gas, LNG, in shipping and Swedish industry. This is revealed in a market screening conducted by Swedegas. New, stricter environmental stipulations for maritime fuel in Swedish waters from 2015, coupled with the need in industry to switch from oil, are the main reasons for changing to liquefied natural gas, LNG.

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