21 September, 2018

Swedegas supports European Renewable Gas Registry

Swedegas is now a member of ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry), the aim of which is to establish an independent, transparent and trustworthy documentation scheme for tradingbiogas and other renewable gases along the European gas network.
“By becoming a member, Swedegas is seeking to support the development of a larger market for biogas, not only in Sweden but also throughout the whole of Europe, which will benefit both biogas users and producers,” said Hanna Paradis, Business Development Manager at Swedegas.

Since 2013, Swedegas has been a member of the Green Gas Initiative together with six other European gas infrastructure operators. The goal of the GGI is to transport 100% renewable gas in the gas networks by 2050. An important aspect of this endeavour is the desire to simplify the potential for trading in biogas within and between countries.

The starting point for ERGaR is the national documentation systems that are already in place in each country, and the creation of a joint register for trading biogas transported in the European gas network. The objective is to link several of the European countries to the register in order to follow the path taken by biogas from producer to consumer.

Members of ERGaR include national biogas associations, biogas producers, gas infrastructure companies, and other organisations and companies on the pan-European gas market.

Further information about ERGaR is available at ergar.org.

About Swedegas. Swedegas is an infrastructure company that invests in smart energy systems. The company owns the gas transmission network, transporting energy to distributors and directly connected customers. Extending from Dragør in Denmark to Stenungsund in Sweden, the network supplies 33 municipal areas with gas, as well as industrial enterprises, combined heat and power plants and filling stations. Swedegas is in the process of developing new infrastructure for biogas, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG).

Saila Horttanainen,
Swedegas Vice President Communications and Sustainability
+46 70 622 76 06

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