30 March, 2012

Swedegas collaborates in energy and water supply

The future will bring stricter stipulations regarding efficiency and secure provision of energy, water and sewage services whilst at the same time we are striving for a climate-neutral environment.

"Future demands regarding climate-neutral development and efficiency have resulted in regional collaboration becoming an obvious step that needs to be studied as part of the development process. Through collaboration with a number of companies we can also generate synergies between different areas of use," says Per Laurell, President of Gävle Energy.

Gävle Energy, Sandviken Energy, Gästrike Water and Swedegas are about to embark on a preliminary study to map the potential that exists for a joint supply strategy between Gävle and Sandviken.

"It is a matter of assuring water provision for future generations and assuming environmental responsibility in the face of increasing emission stipulations. It is vital to raise our sights and produce long-term strategies for the region," says Mats Rostö, President of Gästrike Water.

The preliminary study, which is due for completion in summer 2012, will cover the infrastructure between the cities. The systems that could be linked are district heating, gas, water and sewage. The results from the study will highlight the technical, financial and environmental aspects.

"We are constantly looking for cost-effective solutions so that we can offer our customers competitive, high-quality products," says Alfons Kubulenso, President of Sandviken Energy.

The parties are seeking in particular co-ordination effects from the joint investments in respect of the different benefits. "There is future potential in building an intelligent infrastructure where a terminal in the Gävle region and gas distribution grids will bring about further synergies with, for example, investments we are making on the west coast," says Lars Gustafsson, President of Swedegas.

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