12 November, 2012

Swedegas becomes new joint owner of SGC

The infrastructure company Swedegas, which owns the gas grid in Sweden, will become the new joint owner of cleantech company Swedish Gas Tech-nology Centre (SGC) following a 20 per cent stock acquisition.

SGC leads and co-ordinates energy gasresearch, development and demon-stration with a focus on renewables, and is owned jointly by companies in the energy sector.

According to Lars Gustafsson, CEO of Swedegas, the acquisition of shares in SGC should be viewed in the light of Swedegas's role as national grid owner and investor in infrastructure and new technology.

"We are working to ensure that research and development in the energy gas sector contributes to highlighting the potential of gas in climate adjustment. Developing environmental technology that integrates gas with other forms of energy, such as wind power, is a prime example of innovative thinking that we find highly interesting."

Martin Ragnar, CEO of SGC, welcomes Swedegas as a new owner. "We take a very positive view of a broadening of the ownership base. A grid owner was what was lacking in the previous ownership structure at SGC," he says.

The shares are being sold by E.ON Sverige AB. E.ON's involvement in SGC continues to be strong as it still retains a 30 per cent shareholding in SGC. Other shareholders are Göteborg Energi AB, Lunds Energikoncernen AB, Öresundskraft AB and the Swedish Gas Association. 

For further information, please contact:

Saila Horttanainen, Vice President Communications , Swedegas
Phone: +46 (0)70-622 76 06, e-mail: saila.horttanainen@swedegas.se

Martin Ragnar, CEO, SGC
Phone: +46 (0)40-680 07 61, e-mail: martin.ragnar@sgc.se


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