07 April, 2021

Solör Bioenergi takes over operations for district heating and fiber network in Falbygdens Energi

In May there will be a change in operations in Falbygdens Energi.

Solör Bioenergi is taking over operations for the fiber network and district heating, while Nordion Energi will continue to run operations for the electricity network under the brand Falbygdens Energi.

This change in Falbygdens Energi will not affect the company's customers, but eventually this means some will have agreements with two different suppliers and receive invoices from each of them.  

For queries, please contact Saila Horttanainen, Director Communication and Sustainability at Nordion Energi.
Email: saila.horttanainen@nordionenergi.se
Phone: +46 70 622 76 06

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