07 May, 2019

Swedegas consolidates its organisation – Peter Blomberg takes up new position within LNG/LBG and innovation

Peter Blomberg has taken up a newly created managerial position in business development and innovation at Swedegas, with a focus on liquified natural gas and biogas (LNG/LBG).
“It will be an exciting challenge to use my experience and knowledge within Swedegas and be involved in ensuring the gas infrastructure becomes a key part of the solution in the transition to more renewable energy," said Peter Blomberg.

For the past ten years, Peter Blomberg has been instrumental in transforming Skangas into a major player in the small-scale LNG sector in Northern Europe.

“It involved everything from producing our own LNG, building up the infrastructure, signing agreements with industries and ship owners, constructing LNG vessels for distribution and bunkering, and ensuring that LNG could be transported by road tanker throughout the Nordic region. We were involved at a very early stage and we were one of the pioneers in this field,” said Peter Blomberg.

He also has considerable experience in pipeline distribution. In 2003, Peter joined Nova Naturgas, the predecessor of Swedegas, where he was responsible for marketing and sales. In 2008, he became CEO of the Skangas subsidiary Nordic LNG.

"More recently I have been running my own business, which has included consulting assignments focusing on strategic issues for small-scale LNG companies," said Peter Blomberg.

Swedegas CEO Johan Zettergren is extremely satisfied with the appointment:

"With his solid leadership and managerial experience, he will contribute to the development of our offer and create new opportunities for Swedegas. We have noticed an increase in demand for LBG and biogas among shipping companies and other customers and if we are to respond effectively, we need to be innovative and continue to be at the forefront,” said Johan Zettergren.

Peter Blomberg, innovation 

Peter Blomberg has taken up a newly created managerial position in business development and innovation at Swedegas.


For further information, please contact Saila Horttanainen, Vice President, Communications and Sustainability, Swedegas, +46 70 622 76 06.

Fact file

Swedegas is an infrastructure company that invests in smart energy systems. The company owns the gas transmission network, transporting energy to distributors and directly connected customers. Extending from Dragør in Denmark to Stenungsund in Sweden, the network supplies 33 municipal areas with gas, as well as industrial enterprises, combined heat and power plants, and filling stations. Swedegas is investing in new infrastructure for biogas, hydrogen gas and liquefied gas (LNG/LBG).

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