18 June, 2020

Sustainability report 2019

“For those of us working in the energy sector this is an exciting time. The energy markets are central to the wide-reaching transition that is taking place in the drive to bring about a fossilfree society. Nordion Energi was founded during the year with the aim of playing an even more active role in this ongoing transition, where gas can prove significant in bringing about green solutions.”

That is the introduction from CEO Hans Kreisel in Nordion Energi’s first sustainability report. For Swedegas, which since 2019 is integrated with Weum in Nordion Energi, it is the company’s third report on sustainability. The report is a summary of Nordion Energi’s sustainable work in the organisation during 2019 and has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option.

It is especially encouraging to see that the proportion of biogas in our network is continuing to rise for the third year in succession, reaching almost one fourth of the total amount.

The work to reduce climate-impacting emissions have produced results. Methane losses from leaks in the transmission network (Swedegas part of the network) have fallen with 37% during 2019 compared with the base year 2017. Following a switch from natural gas to biogas for use in boilers and purchase of solar power the climate-impacting emissions were reduced by 57% during the year. Compared to the base year 2017 the reduction is 62%.

The ongoing work to promote a safe work environment has also produced results. 2019 was a year without any serious personal injuries.

Here you can read the Sustainability report 2019 online.

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