29 March, 2012

Gas Regional Investment Plan

Gas Regional Investment Plan

Press Release
Swedegas with other Gas Transmission System Operators from the Baltic region adopt the first Gas Regional Investment Plan 2012-2021.

In line with European Regulation EC/715/2009 (Article 12), Gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) will have to publish a Gas Regional Investment Plan every two years. To comply with this obligation TSOs from the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan (BEMIP) region developed their first Gas Regional Investment Plan (BEMIP GRIP).

The aim of this Plan is to provide a regional gas market and infrastructure outlook and present the analysis of challenges and barriers that hamper the infrastructure development in the Baltic Sea Region.

The BEMIP GRIP 2012-2021 can be regarded as a pilot version. The Baltic TSOs would like to warmly encourage all interested stakeholders to participate in the public consultation. The TSOs will appreciate all feedback, opinions and comments that will help to further improve following editions of BEMIP GRIP, as well as to adjust it both to market needs and challenges, which the BEMIP region is going to face in the future. Please send all your comments and remarks by 30th April 2012 to this email address: bemipgrip@gaz-system.pl, which would help involved TSOs in the works related to the second edition of the BEMIP GRIP.

The report is available here, GRIP report.

Note to Editors

The BEMIP region for this GRIP comprises the following TSOs: Swedegas (Sweden),
Eesti Gaas (Estonia),  Energinet.dk (Denmark),  Gasum (Finland), Latvijas Gaze (Latvia), Lietuvos Dujos (Lithuania), GAZ-SYSTEM (Poland).

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