01 February, 2021

Falbygdens Energi becomes part of Nordion Energi

The energy infrastructure company Nordion Energi has acquired Falbygdens Energi. Together the companies want to continue investing in developing a sustainable and flexible energy system, adapted for the future.

- Falbygdens Energi is a well-managed company with a solid regional offering. They have a clear sustainable focus and strong relationships to their customers which we value highly, says Hans Kreisel, CEO at Nordion Energi. – We are also happy to only a year after Nordion Energi was introduced, complete our first acquisition.

Falbygdens Energi delivers electricity, heating, and broadband to customers in and around the vicinity of Falköping. Much wind power is connected to the electricity grid and the company are continuously investing to prepare for more production of renewable electricity, such as wind and sun power. Falbygdens Energi has 50 employees and a 220 million SEK turnover.

- Nordion Energi and Falbygdens Energi share the ambition to help our customers reach their environmental and climate targets. We are both also actively working to increase the share of renewable energy in our infrastructure, says Hans Kreisel.

Nordion Energi was founded in 2020 with a clear purpose to drive the energy transition towards 100% green energy.  In the Nordion Energi group also gas infrastructure companies Swedegas and Weum are included.

Read more about Falbygdens Energi through this link: https://falbygdensenergi.se/


For inquiries, please contact Saila Horttanainen, Director Communications and Sustainability at Nordion Energi.
Email: saila.horttanainen@nordionenergi.se
Phone: +46 70 622 76 06 


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