28 October, 2020

Press release: Nordion Energi moves closer to the aim of 100% green energy by joining the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

As part of its commitment to a sustainable society, Nordion Energi is now part of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, an initiative by the European Commission that aims to drive the implementation of EU's hydrogen strategy. Hydrogen is crucial in the transformation of the energy system and will enable many sectors to achieve their climate goals.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance plays a key role in Europe's energy transition following the European Commission's strategy for big investments in hydrogen going forward. It is an important initiative where Nordion Energi together with almost 600 other members representing industry, politics and society will drive the development.

 “Gas is crucial in the energy transition in Sweden and in Europe in order to reach net zero emissions,” says Hans Kreisel, CEO of Nordion Energi. “We see the value of being part of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance and prompt relevant investments in, for example, sector coupling.” 

Extending the hydrogen system requires major investments. Approximately EUR 430 billion are expected to be necessary to build a competitive European market and to place Europe as world leader in this field. The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance is important in this work.

Hydrogen is described as a crucial part of the transition to an emission free society. It has zero carbon emissions and offers the possibility for use in energy storage, heavy duty transport and energy-intensive industries.


About the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance was established in March 2020 as part of a new industrial strategy for a sustainable and green Europe. The Alliance aims to accelerate phasing out fossil fuels in European industry by implementing the European Commission's hydrogen strategy. The Alliance will also work to initiate production and demand for hydrogen, and to educate and engage society at large.

Read more about the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/industry/policy/european-clean-hydrogen-alliance_en

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