15 October, 2020

Press release: Hans Kreisel, CEO at Nordion Energi, joins the Electrification Commission – an initiative from the Swedish government to accelerate the energy transition

In connection to the launch of the Electrification Commission, the Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth declared hydrogen is vital in the electrification of heavy road transport, shipping and aviation. This is a key reason to Hans Kreisel being invited to actively take part in the Commission’s work as it aims to accelerate the transition of the transport sector.

“I’m honoured to have been asked to join the Electrification Commission and feel a responsibility to contribute to the sustainable transition of the Swedish transport sector,” says Hans Kreisel, CEO at Nordion Energi.

Partnering with industry and other stakeholders the Commission will explore the potential for electrification of heavy road transport, shipping and aviation. The possibility of electrification via hydrogen is also something the Commission will study as it is considered to have a prominent role in transforming the transport sector, especially in shipping and aviation. During the summer, the European Commission presented a new strategy for hydrogen as a key factor in the European energy transition.

The aim of the Electrification Commission’s work is to contribute to a significant reduction in emissions from heavy road transport, shipping and aviation. The Commission will be chaired by the Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth and will consist of 16 members.

Nordion Energi is looking forward to be involved in the Commission’s work along with the other members, particularly in connection to the role of hydrogen.

“The work of the Electrification Commission will be important in accelerating the energy transition. As Mr Eneroth points out, hydrogen will be an important factor in achieving the set climate goals. This especially applies in shipping and aviation, where sector coupling could contribute to a functioning infrastructure. Sector coupling is also important in meeting other societal challenges, such as capacity issues and the transformation of industry,” says Hans Kreisel.

Work will commence immediately and will run until 31 December 2022. The Commission is an advisory body and a forum for the exchange of ideas between the government, industry and stakeholders.

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