27 April, 2021

Huge benefits with collaboration around CCS shows prestudy from CinfraCap

Through collaboration, companies in the Gothenburg region can reach climate targets faster. It will however require multi-billion investments. This is shown by the prestudy that CinfraCap has presented on a joint infrastructure for the transport of liquefied carbon dioxide extracted using CCS technology.

ue collaboration between Göteborg Energi, Nordion Energi, Preem, St1, Renova and the Port of Gothenburg AB. The project focuses on transportation of captured carbon from each operation down to the port - how it can be done in a cost-effective and climate-smart way. The study, which the project developed with support from COWI, presents the possibilities for a joint logistics and infrastructure solution. The study proposes how captured carbon dioxide is most appropriately collected, how intermediate storage should take place before loading, what permits must be obtained and risks. It also includes a suggested business model, which can be of help for similar projects in other locations in Sweden.

The project has the potential to be able to store approximately 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year (which only represents the companies in the initiative), which is equal to 75 percent of emissions from domestic transport in the Västra Götaland region. The infrastructure is also intended to be accessible via a third-party connection. This provides further potential for amount of carbon dioxide handled each year.

There are many benefits in working together to build infrastructure for carbon dioxide, but it will be expensive to implement. Therefore, support from the state and authorities as well as financial incentives are required to secure investments.

The final report has been sent to the Swedish Energy Agency, which through its climate initiative Industriklivet has financed half the project. The report is therefore also available to everyone. The companies in CinfraCap will now continue discussions and look into possibilities to make reality of the plans which includes, in addition to technology, for example commercial conditions as well as necessary regulations in connection to CCS / Bio-CCS.

Read more about CinfraCap here. 

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