Gas grid

Operation and maintenance

Operating routines

Swedegas is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the gas grid to ensure a reliable, disruption-free supply of gas to the customer. This is handled by the Swedegas operating and maintenance staff, who monitor and inspect the gas grid continuously. The organisation is manned day and night and covers all activities at and around the facilities.

We monitor pressure and flows in the gas grid continuously via the Swedegas control room and we deal with administration of work orders, operating permits and land matters.


Maintenance routines

Swedegas keeps a constant check on the status of the gas grid throughout the year. This includes helicopter inspections, corrosion inspections, internal inspections and leak identification along the pipeline in accordance with Natural Gas System Instructions. The valves undergo performance testing each year. All controls are documented and any deviations are reported and rectified.

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency requires Swedegas to commission an independent body to supervise the way in which we design, build and maintain our facilities.