Almedalen 2016 – with the most incisive debates on future energy and climate policy

Sustainable energy transition – global competitiveness


How will the energy transition materialise? What form will a balanced energy mix take in order to ensure welfare, growth and employment? We will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing industry, the transport sector and shipping. The starting point will be the political objective that Sweden will become one of the world's first fossil-free welfare nations. A transition must take place at a pace that will ensure globally sustainable development and at the same time promote competitiveness and new industrialisation in Sweden.


Monday, July 4, 14.30 – 15.30

EU Energy Union – is it relevant to Sweden?


How relevant is the EU Energy Union to the work that is being conducted within the Energy Commission and the transition of the Swedish energy system? During the seminar we will find out how politics and industry view Swedish energy policy in relation to European policy. Run in collaboration with the Fores/2030 Secretariat.



Annika Korzinek, Head of Political Reporting, European Commission – Representation in Sweden

Tomas Björnsson, Head of Strategy and Market Analysis, Vattenfall

Joakim Bogdanoff, Head of Swedenergy's Brussels office

Johan Zettergren, CEO, Swedegas

Mattias Goldmann, CEO, Fores/2030 Secretariat (moderator)


Monday, July 4, 16.00 – 17.00 

Climate legislation – an opportunity or an obstacle to Swedish competitiveness?


Can Sweden legislate to secure climate-smart competitiveness? Is competitiveness impeded or accelerated by political guidance towards fossil-free, climate-neutral development? The seminar will be a way of evaluating the outcome of the work conducted by the All Party Committee on Environmental Objectives. Run in collaboration with Sustainable Innovation.



Anders Wijkman, Chair of the All Party Committee on Environmental Objectives

Anders Ferbe, Chair, Swedish Industrial and Metalworkers' Union

Annika Jacobson, Head of Greenpeace Sweden

Lars Josefsson, Chair of Inovyn Sverige AB and Professor at Chalmers University of Technology

Ola Alterå, CEO, Sustainable Innovation (moderator)


Tuesday, July 5, 09.00 – 10.00 

New industrialisation and energy policy – what is controlling what?


The Government's new industrialisation strategy is aimed at reinforcing Swedish competitiveness. How should energy policy support this aim and how can it be achieved to ensure the best outcome? Are there conflicting objectives? The seminar will provide an insight into the views on this issue held within politics and industry.



Cecilie Tenfjord Toftby, Member of the Energy Commission (M)

Anna Holmberg, Director, Energy Policy, Swedish Forest Industries

Filip Johnsson, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology

Maria Sunér Fleming, Director, Energy and Climate Policies, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (moderator) 


Tuesday, July 5, 10.30 – 11.30 

A national biogas strategy – a key to transition?


Can a national biogas strategy contribute to the creation of fossil-free road transport by 2030? In order to achieve the ambitious climate and environment objectives set out by the Government, all energy solutions must be considered. What measures will be required? Run in collaboration with the Swedish Gas Association.



Åsa Pettersson, Head of Public and Environmental Affairs, Scania

Cecilia Hedqvist, CEO, Gasnätet Stockholm AB

Pontus Lindberg, Regional Councillor (M), Skåne Region

Hanna Paradis, Business Development Manager, Biogas, Swedegas

Maria Malmkvist, CEO, Swedish Energy Association (moderator) 


Tuesday, July 5, 11.45 – 12.30 

Power to Gas – the solution for an integrated energy and transport system on Gotland?


How can Power to Gas on Gotland contribute to increasing the proportion of renewable energy in both the electricity grid and in the transport sector? The seminar will provide us with an update on whether, how and when this vision can be realised. Run in collaboration with Audi Sweden.



Farzad Mohseni, Researcher and Senior Consultant, Sweco

Stefan Sandelin, R&D Manager, Cementa

Bertil Klintbom, Director, International Strategies, Gotland Region

Irene Bernald, Head of PR/Communications, Audi Sweden


Tuesday, July 5, 15.00 – 16.00 

Gas in Sweden – current and future demand?


What lies behind Sweden's energy mix? What will it be like in the future – and why? The seminar will take the form of an examination of present and future driving forces, needs and opportunities and where gas is a potential energy system provider. Run in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Research Institute.



Tina Helin, CEO, E.ON Gas

Anders Egelrud, CEO, Fortum Värme

Martin Ragnar, Research Manager, Swedish Energy Research Institute

Rickard Nordin, Member of the Energy Commission (C)

Lars Lind, CEO, Perstorp BioProducts

Johan Zettergren, CEO, Swedegas (moderator)