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Sustainability at Swedegas

Swedegas operates in the energy industry – an industry in transition and of vital importance to the world in which we live. Society's climate footprint, competitiveness, and secure access to energy are issues to which the company and its employees are firmly committed.

By working with and investing in infrastructure, Swedegas operations are long-term, socially beneficial, and capital-intensive. Business activities and investments are consistently focused on meeting stringent demands and assuring a sustainable society and a sustainable work environment.

Sustainability is an integral part of the company’s operations and the day-to-day work of its employees. Everyone has a part to play by ensuring that sustainability principles are incorporated into our activities and goals. The Swedegas core values and Code of Conduct also reflect our adherence to responsible business practices and strict observance of business ethics. Swedegas summarises the sustainability work in a Sustainability Report.

The Swedegas undertaking to pursue and promote sustainability in all its aspects includes membership of Fossil-Free Sweden and the Green Gas Initiative.