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Swedegas's international involvement

CEN (European Committee for Standardisation)

Comité Européen de Normalisation (CEN) is one of three European standardisation organisations. CEN issues European standards (EN). Products that satisfy the stipulations laid down in these standards can be CE-labelled. The European standards that apply in Sweden are designated SS-EN. Sweden's member organisation in CEN is SIS, the Swedish Standards Institute. Swedegas is a member of SIS. Swedegas monitors and contributes to the development of standards for gas systems and infrastructure transmission within CEN/SIS.


ENTSOG (European Network for Transmission System Operators of Gas)

ENTSOG is an organisation for transmission system operators (TSOs). It was set up to facilitate harmonisation of the EU's internal energy market. Working in consultation with the corresponding European supervisory authority, one of ENTSOG's tasks is to formulate network codes, which subsequently become embodied in law. Swedegas is the Swedish representative.


GFC (Gas for Climate)

Gas for Climate is an initiative with ten leading European members from the companies and two renewable gas industry associations. The consortium is committed to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the EU by 2050.


GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe)

GIE is an organisation that co-ordinates infrastructure issues for natural gas companies in Europe with regard to transmission, storage and terminals. Swedegas is a member.

IGU (International Gas Union)

Through Energigas Sverige, Swedegas is represented in the IGU, which is a global organisation that brings together the gas industry worldwide in areas such as extraction and production, transmission, LNG, distribution and end-user issues.

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